Words Matter. What Are Yours Saying?


You are so over this.

This staring at the blank page watching that cursor blink.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

Every second passes with another blink and you might just LOSE YOUR MIND.

Why is writing so hard for you?

You might finally get some words down (after hours of work), but you are so unsure of yourself.

  • Does your writing make sense?
  • Will it connect with your ideal clients?
  • Can it convert into sales?

If you hate to write, don’t know what to write, or are just unsure of what you do write…

Then you’re in the right place. And you know what?

You aren’t alone!

My clients come to me for one of the reasons listed above – whatever it is, they are just over this copywriting business and want to get it done and move on.

And that’s okay.

I live and breathe copywriting so you don’t have to.

I will take this burden off of your shoulders and create an experience that you will love.

More importantly, when you finally see the words that I write on your website, it will feel complete. It will sound like you and it will speak to your ideal clients.

So instead of spending hours or days at your computer staring at that evil little cursor, choose a package below and let’s jump on a call to get you on your way to words that represent you and your business perfectly.

Need to see some examples of my work first? No problem! Just shoot me a quick email and I will share my portfolio with you.

I reached out to Amy because I was struggling to convert my “Work with Jill” web page. I am happy to report that since she helped me fix the copy on that page, I have made many new sales!

What I appreciated the most about working with Amy is that she was able to re-work what I had written and make it BETTER, but it still felt like my voice. I was nervous that it would feel like someone else wrote it, but I’d be hard-pressed to be able to distinguish which sentences I wrote and which ones she polished up. That’s the best compliment I can give!

Jill Dahl

Secondhand Therapy

So go ahead, beautiful, say yes to yourself and your business. Book your appointment below or email me at amy@copywithheart.com to chat about your copywriting needs and get a custom quote today!